Hi, I’m Jake. Here are some descriptors that apply to me: writer, photographer, Soldier, husband, son, brother, sergeant first class, geek, father-to-be, runner, reader, Hawkeye fan, lover of LOST, fan of Elmore Leonard, Sports Illustrated subscriber. I like a lot of things and want to start writing about them again. I used to blog a lot, but now I do all my writing for the Department of Defense, either at my day job with the Defense Logistics Agency, where I edit Loglines, or when I moonlight as a sergeant first class with the Army Reserve’s 200th Military Police Command. I hope you like what I’m trying to crank out here! You can follow me at Twitter through my handle @jakeboyer.

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  1. Its in my email duh says:

    Nice job Jake! I was in 3CAB while you were in bedded with us and I also kept a journal. In my research I came across your blog. If you would like to follow up on anything in the future you can find me in the GAL. I can actually see my truck in some of your pictures. Cool!

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