Track Your Money!!!

Some of my friends like to give me a hard time because I watch my bank accounts like a hawk, even going so far as to keep a personal balance sheet in an age where almost every transaction posts immediately. I’m glad I do, and here’s why:

Just 30 minutes ago, I was sitting on the deck, bored, and clicked into my USAA app. I immediately noticed that my checking account was significantly lower than I expected it to be. I looked, and there was a random charge from for $140.99. I don’t go to; Melissa Boyer doesn’t generally even go to WalMart the store. I asked her if maybe she’d gone to the website and bought something and forgotten to put it on the balance sheet; she said no. Uh-oh.

I called USAA right away. They told me someone had used my debit card from Arizona. I told them I haven’t set foot in Arizona since 2013. Within about 20 minutes, they cancelled the charge – telling me I’d get my money back within a few days – and had a new card on the way after I assured them there were no outstanding charges on the account. Fantastic customer service.

I say all this because sometime this week, I saw something making the Facebook rounds about how a veteran had her entire savings account drained before she noticed anything, because a thief got her information and USAA was honoring charges in the absence of a complaint, shifting money from savings to checking every time in line with the way her accounts were set up. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars. Now a whole investigation is needed and she’s upset.

I’m not going to put anyone on the spot, but if you monitor your accounts, that kind of crap isn’t necessary. Someone likely stole my information somehow. I’m careful, so I’m not sure when it happened. But the moment I noticed something weird, I called my bank and they fixed it. We live in an era where most of us have apps on the phones in our pockets that make it ridiculously simple to check in and make sure our financial houses are in order.

Basically, if you’re more worried about your Candy Crush score than you are about paying attention to your money, you get what you deserve.


About Jake Boyer

Hi, I’m Jake. Here are some descriptors that apply to me: writer, photographer, soldier, husband, son, brother, sergeant first class, geek, father, runner, reader, Hawkeye fan, lover of LOST, fan of Elmore Leonard, Sports Illustrated subscriber. I like a lot of things and want to start writing about them again. I used to blog a lot, but now I do all my writing for the Department of Defense, either at my day job with the Defense Logistics Agency, where I edit Loglines, or when I moonlight as a sergeant first class with the Army Reserve’s 200th Military Police Command. I hope you like what I’m trying to crank out here! You can follow me at Twitter through my handle @jakeboyer.
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One Response to Track Your Money!!!

  1. ZIGMA says:

    Just that some of us are not security conscious and that affect every area of their lives. Thanks

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