Disgusted About Ray Rice? Skip the NFL

As a man – a father, husband, son, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend to many wonderful women – I’m quite frankly disgusted with how Roger Goodell and the NFL have handled the Ray Rice situation from the start. That disgust has only grown with the past two days’ news. If Goodell and his sycophants either saw or ignored that video, it’s time for them to go.

How do fans get that point across? Remember, they need us a lot more than we need them. I love football; it’s in my blood. I love it so much that I continue pulling for a team with an owner who has never shown anything more than contempt for his customers. But I don’t really NEED football, especially not the NFL. I’m not proposing a long-term boycott, though. I’m proposing one week. This week, stop going to adjust your fantasy teams. Keep the TV off – or on some other channel – when the hype kicks up over the weekend. IGNORE THE NFL. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets, skip the game. Show the owners and leadership of this league where all their money and power comes from: the fans.

All sorts of people were outraged and disgusted with the NFL yesterday. I wonder how many of you will harness that outrage and disgust into something productive. Something that, if it gets big enough, would truly get the NFL’s attention. Instead of giving them your eyeballs and your cash for just one weekend, give your time and effort to the women in your life, or volunteer to help women who need it.

It’s just one day. I challenge any of you who were yelling and yammering about this issue yesterday to just say no to the NFL this weekend. I know I am.


About Jake Boyer

Hi, I’m Jake. Here are some descriptors that apply to me: writer, photographer, soldier, husband, son, brother, sergeant first class, geek, father, runner, reader, Hawkeye fan, lover of LOST, fan of Elmore Leonard, Sports Illustrated subscriber. I like a lot of things and want to start writing about them again. I used to blog a lot, but now I do all my writing for the Department of Defense, either at my day job with the Defense Logistics Agency, where I edit Loglines, or when I moonlight as a sergeant first class with the Army Reserve’s 200th Military Police Command. I hope you like what I’m trying to crank out here! You can follow me at Twitter through my handle @jakeboyer.
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