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Best of the Old Blog: Anatomy of a Rocket Attack

ANNOUNCEMENT! In an effort to leave MySpace completely behind forever, I’m manually migrating the good blogs out of there and over here so I have them somewhere. So I figure once a day I’ll paste up an old one. Kinda … Continue reading

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George Bush’s Dumbass Head on a String

Why is it okay for Republican servicemembers to have huge anti-Obama vinyl decals filling their rear windshields when I caught grief for an air freshener? Continue reading

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I Woke Up and My Forehead Said “QWERTY” Backwards

A little ditty about the worst Monday of the month and how poor planning and battle assemblies lead to sleeping in the office. Continue reading

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He’s Ba-aaaack!

Okay, nothing too deep here. I’m trying to get a new blog going. This will get better and expand as the weeks go by, as I intend to get moving with my writing again. Some of you may be coming … Continue reading

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